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Next Meeting 30th August

Stage and Close Up Competition

The next meeting 30th August, will be the Stage and Close up competition.

The acts will be a maximum of 15 minutes, and we are hoping to get a non member magician to do the judging.

There are trophies to be won, and I will send notifications of the winners to the local newspaper to maximise publicity.

Please let me know in advance if you would like to be included, that way we can draw up a fairly balanced evening.

Many thanks and good luck.

Next Meeting 26th July

Its mentalism night, as I’m sure you knew.

So bring an effect along and let us witness your mental skills. Perform it in front of us friendly bunch then take your well deserved applause.

A quick question for all the mind readers out there…………………………

Itll be great to see you there.

Next Meeting 28th June

The Miki Travis Comedy Workshop.

We are very pleased to announce we have arranged a really fun night for the next KMG evening.

Stand up comedian, and comedy warm up man Miki Travis has agreed to come along and present a workshop on how to include more comedy into your magic.

Miki is an excellent entertainer, who performs magic and comedy to a top level, and is happy to explain some of his techniques that have helped him to entertain a variety of audiences.

Please support this very special evening. Guest tickets are available at £5 per person… open to non members so do please come along and enjoy an evening of top class entertainment.

See you there,


Next Meeting 31st May

Next meeting promises to be another entertaining evening with a great idea from Nigel Roberts.

Members who were present at the meeting before last were given a DVD, the idea being they were to watch it, learn one trick from it and present it to the club.

So the theme of the next meeting is..

Do a trick from the DVD.

Should be another fun evening. If anyone wants to bring something along but they werent able to get a DVD, please bring it along anyway…we are always a very good audience.

I am unable to be at the next meeting unfortunately, but I know it’ll will be a fab night.

Many thanks to Nigel for the idea.

26th April meeting Review.

What an amazing night presented to us by our very own David Akhurst.. a fun and informative evening with David giving us tips on how to build and repair props, what materials to use, where to find them etc..

This was followed by an in depth study of the working of his amazing Flea Circus, and his automaton Freddy and the Dream Girls.

I think everyone got something out of this workshop.

David is a very clever and entertaining person, and the Kent Magicians Guild is very lucky to have his as a member.

Many thanks David.

Advance Announcement

Prop repair and Prop making Workshop

26th April 2022

Prop Building and Repair Workshop or as Shakespeare once said:

To build or not to build – that is the question!

David will be sharing his knowledge of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering with his ideas for prop building and repair including what materials, skills and tools you need.

He will also be letting you behind the screens of his two recent creations of “Freddie and the Dream Girls” and his “Flea Circus”.

David looks forward to seeing you and any questions or ideas for props that you may wish to take further.

As a further special feature, David will be operating a clinic, so please bring any props in need of renovation or repair, and David will give his expert advice on the best way to get the prop looking as good as new.

March 29th Meeting. Sophies Project.

Next meeting will be a fun night… people have been asked to bring a prop along, which will then be given to people working in pairs to come up with an entertaining presentation for that prop.

Please bring along any unusual, or unused props that you have in you den, the more obscure the better. Even if it lacks instructions.

It will be interesting to see how our members tackle this excercise.

Thanks to Sophie for coming up with the idea.

Also, Nigel has come up with a grand idea… he, I and others (if desired), are going to purchase some dvd’s from our collection, then members will take one away, learn an effect of it, then come back in May and perform the said effect.

Should be an interesting evening.

Marc Paul Lecture

What an amazing night with Marc Paul.. a true professional, he amazed us with a 40 minute mentalist show, then in the second half of the evening explained the effects.

What I enjoyed was the simplicity of the effects combined with the massive impact they provoked… A fabulous lecture, I thoroughly recommend it to other magic clubs.

25th January 2022 at the KMG

A night not to be missed

Marc Paul Mentalist

Marc Paul International Award Winning Mentalist

The KMG always puts on stunning magic evenings, but this Januarys lecture is probably the best one yet…

Marc Paul, winner of the Best Mind Reader Award, at the Los Angeles World Magic Awards, and frequent TV guest, has very kindly agreed to give a show and lecture for us on 25th January 2022.

Marc is a mind reader, psychological magician and corporate event speaker who has entertained and amazed audiences both in the UK and worldwide with his incredible award winning performances.  

This is a lecture not to be missed….. free to members and guests joining on the night, all others the cost is £10 entrance fee.

Starts at 8.00pm at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks, TN13 1ZZ, doors open at 7.45.

Parking is available at the rear of the Theatre.

Please reserve your place asap, by emailing mdimagic@outlook.com.

Looking forward to a great night.

Next Club Night Tuesday 30th November 2021

The next club night is a Christmas buffet and magic show, put on by our members.

The evening is open to all members, friends and guests, so please bring as many people as you can, lets make it a fabulous KMG night.

The evening is free, although voluntary monetary donations would be very much appreciated.

I will put a list up of performers as soon as I have had some confirmations.

See you then


Next Club Night 26th October 2021

Mike Sullivan of DTrik ( The Magic of Wayne Dobson ) has agreed to come along to our club to demonstrate the DTrik classics and show off some new effects they have been working on.

Anyone who has used any Dtrik effects knows they are very commercial products at very reasonable prices. The quality is very high and the routines are guaranteed to bring laughter to any audience.

We invite all magicians to come along and join in the evening.

Guest tickets are only £5, please email me on mdimagic@outlook.com to reserve a place.

Many thanks. Mike

Next Club Meeting Tuesday 28th September

Your Favourite Trick Night And Professor Akardo’s Flea Circus… A night not to be missed…

Every club has an eccentric genius, and at the KMG we are very lucky to have David Akhurst.

David, or Akardo, is not only very creative, but is also an absolute whiz at electronics and mechanics.

So when 6 weeks ago I mentioned a Flea Circus, his brain went into overdrive… and yesterday he showed me the finished product. Believe me it is just amazing.

See images below……

Professor Akardos Amazing Flea Circus…all hand built by David, is a mad journey into this wonderful old sideshow carni act……. and the great news is that Akardo and his Flea circus, with all the talented fleas painstakingly trained by Akardo, will be making their appearance at the next KMG meeting, on 28th September at The Stag Theatre.

The meeting is going to be ‘ Bring your Favourite Trick ‘, so please come along and perform whatever it is you enjoy most out of your magic closet.

David will be performing his Flea Circus during the evening.

I would very much encourage anyone interested in this very unusual form of entertainment to come along and witness The Greatest Little Show On Earth.. strictly no dogs allowed..

Message me for details

Mike Ingham

Next KMG Meeting 31st August


Very interesting night planned for our next meet up. Robert Pound, member of the KMG, and ex member Mike Sullivan, close colleague of Mr Wayne Dobson, are getting together to bring us a night of insight into the world of professional close up and corporate entertainment. This will be of great interest to those looking to break into this lucrative area of magic.

Robert has worked with many celebrities, always to rave reviews. Many top celebrities have employed Robert to entertain at the parties and soirees, and I am sure he will have many tales to tell.

Robert will also be giving us a few hints and tips on a couple of his reputation making effects.

Mike Sullivan will be interviewing Robert, and I have no doubt we will all be in for a very amusing night.

The second half ( yes, there is more, ) will be of particular interest to anyone interested in the Magic Circle, particularly those thinking of joining or re joining the Circle.

Robert will be giving a talk on the finer points of joining, including the procedure and process of becoming a member, of this very prestigious club. Both Robert and Mike are very well qualified on this subject as Robert is the Examination Secretary for the Magic Circle, and Mike is the membership Secretary.

This is a must see night for anyone thinking of becoming a member of the Magic Circle, or who just wants to find out more information about it.

Please do join us, guests very welcome, to a memorable and enjoyable evening.

Pm me if you are coming, as we expect a good turnout for this night.

Robert Pound entertaining Chris Tarrant.

Next Meeting at the Stag Theatre is on the 27th July 2021. Start time 8.00pm

Tels Show and Tell

We are delighted to reveal that our next meeting is with our own Terry Herbert, world renowned magician and generally funny person… He is bringing his amazing collection of automatons along to show them and talk about them.

This is a lifetimes work of collecting clockwork toys and gadgets, culminating in Terry presenting them on an edition of the Antiques Roadshow.

Guests are welcome, the guest fee is £5, or membership to the end of the year is only £15, so worth paying the extra and getting the rest of the year as a free entry.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Important Reopening News:

Members Show 29th June 2021 at the Stag Theatre Sevenoaks

The Kent Magicians Guild and the Kent Entertainers Guild of Performing Arts are running their first night on the 29th June 2021 at the new venue, The Stag Theatre Sevenoaks.

We are organising a members show, so come along for a fun night.

In attendance will be out Honorary Life President Reg Martin, who used to be an adviser on the Paul Daniels Show. A very funny and inventive man with some wonderful stories of his time on the show.

Subject to Government guidelines, the KMG is hoping to re open for club nights on the 29th June 2021… please put that date in your diaries.

2021 is going to be a good year despite the shaky start.

We are arranging some exciting lectures, dealer dems and fun club nights. Details will be posted here once we can confirm the dates.

In the meantime join us for zoom meet ups where we have lectures, clips of famous magicians and presentations by some of our club members.

3rd June we are very excited to say we are teaming up with our sister organisation Orpington Magic Club to provide a stunning lecture by David Jonathan. More details here…… Blog

Next zoom meeting will be 20th May 2021… all are welcome, please contact me via the contact page and fill in the contact form…… Contact

Just put Zoom and your email address.

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