Club Members

Reg Martin Founder and past president of the KMG. Reg has recently been elected as an examiner for the Magic Circle and is also their Oxfordshire Representative.

Reg was a magical creator on the Paul Daniels Magic Show.

Micky the Magician. President of the KMG 2022

Ideal family and corporate entertainer for any event. Childrens and adult performer. For more information on his shows.

David Akhurst aka Akardo. Chairman of the KMG 2022

Akardo has more than 30 years’ experience as a professional entertainer as a Magician, Clown, Juggler and Stiltwalker.  He was president of the KMG between 2003 and 2005.

He loves to play the ukulele & banjulele and started KUBAS (Kent Ukulele & Banjulele Appreciation Society) in 2015.

Akardo is also a restorer of musical instruments and enjoys designing and building magical props as part of his engineering background.

Bruce Graham President of the KMG from 2015 – 2022

      He has had a complete one-man evening show of music, magic, and comedy.

        He was also musical director for Paul Daniels in London’s Prince of Wales Theatre.

Contact :

Mrs Back to Front. Secretary

Children’s entertainer, Providing fun entertainment at birthday parties, corporate functions, fetes and fairs etc.  The entertainment includes, Fun Magic, Punch & Judy, singing dancing, balloons and total crazy fun

Colin Perrotton: Treasurer.

Member of the Magic Circle and Equity.

Professional magician

Available for close up Cabaret and stage performances.

Suitable for banquets, restaurants, birthdays and anniversaries.

Mike Maxted, Assistant Treasurer and Publicity Officer

Member and Founder of our affiliated club, the Orpington Magic Club

Terry Herbert. Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle . If it’s laughter your’e after, Terry Herbert is the name  for Magic ,Fun and Excitement .Many Television appearances include The Paul Daniels Magic Show and The Best of Magic

Janet Clare

Member of Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and recently awarded Honorary Membership of The Magic Circle.

December 1992 Janet performed Close up at the English National  Ballet Nutcracker Ball at the Foreign Office working the top table headed by Princess Diana.

In the 70’s Janet had the good fortune of being a pupil of the legendary Ken Brooke.

Nigel Roberts.

After leaving school, Nigel managed a puppet theatre for three summers before becoming a TV cameraman, a job he did for fifty years. During the 1970s, he also performed as a children’s entertainer for about four days a fortnight over much of south-east England, for a group who all performed under the name of Smartie Artie.

Ron Escott

Graham Lee

Incredible balloon modeller

Qualatex Balloons, Modelling / Twisting Balloon Sales UK

Ricardo Morilla.

Since I was at school I was always interested in Magic and fascinated by magicians but I didn’t have the opportunity to learn the art. Only in the last couple of years I joined the South London Magic Society and the Kent Magicians Guild.

I would encourage anyone at any level of interest in magic to join these friendly group of people with the purpose to practice and improve the art of magic

Simon Darnley. Previously President of the KMG and Newsletter editor.

A large body of opinion and award winning amateur magician as well as psychiatric nurse with a penchant for the odd things in life.

Marc Carter.

I am an amateur magician who found my passion for magic as a teenager. I enjoy close up magic with ordinary items and have enjoyed doing kids shows , which I find to be a very different type of magic. I was encouraged by Jack Delvin to apply for and join the Magic Circle, which was a wonderful experience.

Brian Lloyd

Roy Mackenzie

Ian Hutchinson

Geoff Partner.

Retired photographer,  hobbyist/magician that loves to perform, I am a late comer to magic, although I have always enjoyed magic,  watching Tommy Cooper, Wayne Dobson and Paul Daniels to name a few.  10 years ago I was invited to join an Ashford  Magic Club which was a real turning point and my interest grew along with my new magical skills (albeit limited) which created a desire  to perform

Johnny Bakker – I’m a (very) amateur international magician who had far more ambition than talent.  I can justifiably claim to be “international” as I once did a trick in Argentina for a friend’s kids although my claim to be a magician is far more tenuous.  I later moved on to escapology but I’m still in knots about my last failed attempt !  I now prefer to watch and appreciate the undoubtedly superior talents of others.

Sophie Merrill

John Sansom

David Parker

Robert Pound

Dave Tawney

Chris Wood

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