KMG Constitution

“Habeo Magicus Incessus”

( Keeping Magic Going )


The name of the society shall be known as the:

Kent  Magicians  Guild

Further references to the Kent Magicians Guild within this constitution will be KMG.


  • The KMG shall be non-sectarian, non-party political and non-racial society.
  • To promote and encourage the art of Magic, Conjuring and allied Arts.

This will be administered by holding monthly meetings with an email summary after the meeting in a timely manner and performing public performances to raise money for agreed charities and or funds for the KMG.


Membership to the KMG shall be open to professional and amateur magicians. 

The KMG membership is also open to non-performing collectors and or authors of magical publications.

Candidates may apply verbally or by email for membership to the KMG. Candidates may also be invited to apply for membership by an existing KMG member.

Two members on the KMG committee must interview a candidate wishing to join the KMG.   Both committee members must be in agreement to allow the candidate to become a KMG member. No reason need be given to a candidate by the committee for a refusal to the KMG.

 If any KMG member is deemed to have conflicting interests to the current KMG constitution or behaves in an improper manner as decided upon by the KMG committee, then the committee have the power to suspend or request the member to resign from the KMG.

A suspended member must offer an explanation that must be received and approved by the committee in order for the member to be re-instated.

The request for the resignation and the member’s response to the request must be provided in writing. If the member does not resign, then the committee has the right to expel the member from the KMG.  The expulsion of the KMG member will be confirmed in writing.

No reason need be given to the expelled member by the committee.

Once a KMG member has resigned or has been expelled then they have no claim on any KMG funds or property.

New KMG members have the right to vote on KMG issues after a period of 3 months of joining the KMG.


The annual membership fee for renewal will be due on the KMG’s January meeting.  The renewal fee must be received by the 31st March at the latest. 

If any person does not renew their membership by 31st March then they are no longer deemed to be a KMG member and will not be sent KMG emails. 

Any person wishing to attend a KMG meeting who is not a member will be charged the agreed set rate for visiting guests per meeting.

The structure of a new membership fee will be as follows:

January to March : Full Fee

April to June : ¾ Fee

July to December :  ½ Fee

The KMG committee has the right to offer a free year’s membership to the KMG if an extra-ordinary situation arises. The member should have two year’s standing in the KMG

A KMG member’s partner may apply to become an associated KMG member. The annual fee shall be ½ of the full KMG membership fee.  They do not have voting rights.


An elected committee shall manage the affairs of the KMG. 

Positions for the KMG committee must be proposed and nominated by two KMG members.   The positions of the committee shall include the following:

Honorary Life President

President / Scribe


Assistant Chairman



Assistant Treasurer

Welfare Officer

NOTE: Any of the above roles will be limited to a maximum of 2 years. After which the person has the right to stand down if they wish to do so. If they wish to continue in that role then there must be a majority vote of acceptance from the current committee.

There will also be a sub-committee containing members who will act as additional advisers    (other than the committee positions stated above) to the KMG. All committee members must be present at an additional meeting at least once a year other than on one of the KMG monthly meetings. The purpose of this/these additional meetings will be to discuss KMG issues and form a proposed plan of action to be presented and voted upon at the KMG Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

All the above stated positions for the committee and sub-committee will be eligible for proposal, election / re-election at the AGM.

The elected KMG committee members may take more that one position except the positions of President/Chairman and Treasurer, which must not be held by the same member.

Annual General Meeting  (AGM )

The date of the KMG AGM shall be on a KMG monthly meeting and will be decided upon by the committee.  The agenda and accounts will be distributed at the KMG meeting a month before the AGM.  Any KMG members not present at this meeting will receive the agenda and accounts via email before the AGM.

Any KMG member will have the right to vote on specified topics at the AGM.

The purpose of the AGM will be as follows:

i.      To receive and approve reports of the actions of the KMG for the past year from the President.

ii.     To receive, audit and approve the KMG accounts from the Treasurer.       

iii.    To propose, elect or re-elect the KMG committee.

  1. Any other business. 

Note: Any other business for discussion should be forwarded in writing (hard copy or email) to the KMG committee two weeks before the AGM.

Alterations to the KMG Constitution

No amendment or alteration to the KMG Constitution shall be made/actioned except at the KMG AGM or an EGM.  

The committee will have the power to make emergency by-laws that must be submitted at the next AGM.

Extraordinary General Meeting  (EGM )

The committee will have the power to call a KMG EGM within 30 days of receiving requests from 5 of more KMG members.   The date of an EGM shall be on a KMG monthly meeting and will be decided upon by the committee.

The purpose of the EGM must be submitted in a “by-agenda” and no other business must be discussed.

KMG Accounts

The KMG financial year will be from the period of 1st January to the 31st December.

The KMG Treasurer will be held responsible for the money in the KMG account and also any KMG assets.

Audited KMG accounts must be presented at the KMG AGM.

These may be audited and signed off by a member chosen by the committee and approved by the membership at an AGM

KMG ceases as a society

In the event that the KMG ceases as a society by a written vote from 75% of the current members then an EGM must be called within a period of 30 days.

The Treasurer and President must make the money in the KMG account and any KMG assets available.  

A majority vote obtained from the KMG members will decide to either distribute the money to a local charity/charities and or distribute the money to current KMG members.

All transactions will be recorded and copies held by the Treasurer and President for a period of 6 years after the closure date of the KMG. 

Visitors to the KMG monthly meetings

Visitors to the KMG monthly meetings must be by prior permission from anyone on the KMG committee. The duration of obtained permission must be at least three days before the meeting.

If no prior permission is obtained from a visitor then this could result in refusal of entry to the meeting. No reason for refusal to entry need be given. 

The fee charged to the visitor will be determined by the committee.

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